About Us


rollys-owl-iconRolly’s Baby Boutique is a luxury specialty local must-stop shop for those with, or expecting, young children. After more than 25 years as a beautiful success story, Rolly’s Baby Boutique is a treasure to all who call Winston-Salem home.

At Rolly’s, every item is hand-picked by owner Melanie Barbee to be nothing but the best. Premium quality and in-demand products are constantly added to the unique collection at Rolly’s.

Rolly’s also pays special attention to their customers; one of the great ways Rolly’s adds to the fabulous customer service of a local business is by offering private consultations to help expectant parents, whether during store hours or after hours. Employees are always there and eager to answer any questions about any product in the store.

“It is overwhelming for a new mom and dad. They may have never had a child before; they don’t know what kind of crib they need, what a Blooming Bath is for and what size to ask for in clothes. We do know, and we are here to help!”

–      Melanie Barbee, owner

No matter what you need for your newest bundle of joy, Rolly’s Baby Boutique can point you in the right direction. The best in furniture, clothing, blankets, gifts and accessories is just a short drive to Thruway!