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Le Petit Artist Collage Millefiori Mosaic

Le Petit Artist Collage Millefiori Mosaic

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Pom poms, felt, googley eyes, and more give hours of creative play as you work to complete the picture boards!

Variety of fun themes to complete the projects. Contents thoughtfully packaged to match each project, All materials included. Boutique box packaging & Step-by-step instruction Booklet.

  • 3 silhouette animals
  • 9 sticky foam sheets to decorate
  • Instructions
  • 3-6 years

Le Petit Artist will expose each child to real artists,
real tools and real fun! At DJECO we collaborate with
100s of illustrators and artists from around the world to
introduce art concepts perfectly matched to the skills
and talents of children from 18 months. Each finished
project is a work of art just waiting to be displayed.