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Gift Registry at Rolly's

Register at Rolly's! 

We love helping moms-to-be find just what they need for their registry. If you’d like to set up a registry for yourself, stop by the store and we would love to help you get started!

Looking for someone’s registry? 

Below is our list of moms-to-be that are registered at Rolly’s. If you’re interested in someone’s registry, give us a call at 336.722.6713, and we can help you select the perfect gift right over the phone. We also offer shipping, delivery, or pick-up at the store. And all gifts are wrapped beautifully, complimentary of course.
January: February:
Allison Storey
Surprise Baby due January 10
Emily Watson
Baby Boy due February 21
March: April:
Alyssa Welch
Baby Boy due March 14
April Nunley
Baby Boy due April 21
May: June:
Maria Mastoras Finch
Baby Girl due May 25
Caroline Cogdill
Baby Girl due June 9
Adele Roberts Tucker
Baby Girl due May 26
July: August:
Fran Pavlansky
Baby Boy due July 24
Kelsey Craver
Baby Girl due August 8
Kristie Rhodes
Baby Boy due August 20
September: October:
Jordan Rudolph Murtaugh
Baby Boy due October 21
Lilla Cappellari
Baby Boy due October 23
November: December:
Emma Gockowski
Baby Girl due November 1
Hannah Plaxe
Baby Boy due December 13
Carter Moore
Surprise Baby due November 15
Tatum & Will Bartholomew
Baby Boy due December 16
Ashton McCurry
Baby Boys due around Thanksgiving